12, May 2022
Amardeep Steel Centre

Amardeep steel alloy steel pipe is an undisputed leader in the Indian industry, manufacturing, exporting, and importing various raw materials for the process industries. Its products include alloy steel pipes and rods, pressure vessels, columns, and towers. These steels are highly durable and are used for a wide variety of applications. Amardeep Steel Centre also manufactures other products, such as stainless steel wire rods, which are widely used in the manufacturing of auto parts.

Use Only The Best Raw Materials To Manufacture This Steel Alloy

Alloy steel pipes are suitable for moderately corrosive environments. They are economical, durable, and sturdily built, which makes them a popular choice over carbon steel pipes. These pipes can be categorized into two classes: low alloy steel pipes, and high alloy steel pipes, with an alloying content between five and fifty percent. While welded pipe is cheaper than seamless alloy steel pipes, the latter has a higher working pressure.

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