30, Mar 2024
Dunk Tank Rental

dunk tank rental

Our dunk tank rental is a classic attraction that have been a crowd pleaser at fairs, festivals, carnivals and fund raisers for years. The dunk tank works by having the volunteer climb up onto the molded plastic seat suspended over water. When a player throws a ball at the target the arm of the target releases the spring-loaded seat allowing the volunteer to be dunked into the water. The clear viewing window allows the entire crowd to share the anticipation and exhilaration of the dunk!

This is a great attraction for kids birthday parties, block party games or any type of outdoor event. It’s also a fun way to bring your school or corporate team together for an outing. Whether you’re trying to boost morale, promote school spirit or just take the boss down a notch dunk tanks are sure to be a hit at your next company picnic or fundraiser.

Dunk Tank Delight: Your Guide to Renting in Phoenix

Safety Notice: It is recommended that only one person be on the seat at a time and that no one stand or hold onto the handles while they are dunked. This is to help reduce the chance of injury. You must have someone watching the participants to make sure they are following these simple safety tips. Keep the dunk tank away from any non-swimmers, anyone less than 5′ tall or over 250 pounds, and anyone with medical conditions that prevent them from exerting themselves for extended periods.

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