20, Mar 2023
How to Choose Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy duty casters help you move heavy equipment and carts around with ease. They also help reduce floor damage and noise when used on a variety of flooring types.

Heavy-duty wheel casters heavy duty are available in a range of wheel materials, including cast iron, ductile steel, phenolic, and nylon. They also feature swivel and rigid designs to suit the specific application.

Load Capacity

To determine what size casters you need, measure the maximum load weight on your cart or project. This will ensure you’re purchasing casters with the right weight capacity for your application.


If you’re looking to improve safety on carts, consider buying casters with brakes that lock the wheels in place when stationary. This prevents the cart from moving unintentionally, which can cause injury to your employees or even damage the equipment.

Choosing the Right Wheel Casters for Heavy Duty Applications

A caster’s wheel material is important for its ability to move equipment and carts. It can help you minimize floor damage and reduce maintenance costs.

Wheels made of a durable polyurethane are the least likely to collect debris, which means they don’t embed staples, metal particles and other floor debris into the wheel tread. They also don’t damage or mark floors, so you can reduce your floor upkeep costs over time.

Other factors to consider when determining the best wheel material for your application include whether you plan on using the casters on ramps, inclines and uneven floors. These conditions can increase rolling resistance, so you’ll want to choose a wheel that has lower starting and rolling resistance.

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