3, Aug 2023
How to Conduct a Title Search in Melbourne

If you’re title search melbourne property or land in Melbourne, a title search is vital. It’ll help you establish the legal owners of the property as well as any mortgages or encumbrances that might impact your investment or development plans. Title searches reveal everything from easements and covenants to land zoning and council approvals, so it’s important to do one before making any commitment.

You can conduct a Victorian title search online at the government’s LANDATA website. Simply enter the site street address and follow the prompts. You’ll then be able to choose your certificates (register search statement, title and any Agreement 173 or Covenant Instrument Search) and optionally a copy of plan. Searches are typically around $25-$30 per property, depending on what information you require.

Digging Deeper: Exploring Property History with Title Searches in Melbourne

Alternatively, ask the lawyer or conveyancer who acted for you in your last property purchase or other dealings with the property to see if they have the paper Certificate of Title. If they do, they’ll be able to give it to you. If not, you can do an issues search at Land Use Victoria to identify the last person the paper Certificate of Title was issued to for a small fee.

It’s also worth noting that using the site street address to find titles incurs a separate service fee at LANDATA. Instead, you should try searching by the Volume and Folio number (which can be found on your rates notice or the title search online system). This will avoid the additional search fee.

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