15, Feb 2023
Locksmith Services


Lock Repair, Replacement and Installation

Locksmiths check, re-key, and change locks on homes, cars, commercial buildings, and more. They also install panic exit devices in school and hospital buildings to help people escape quickly if an emergency occurs.

They can re-key locksmith near me locks to prevent anyone from finding a spare key, or install a new lock altogether. They can also repair or replace locks if they’re worn down, cracked, or otherwise damaged.

Residential Services: Re-keying a lock in your home is an important service that should be performed at least once per year, or more often if there has been a move or a new tenant moves in. This is because old keys could be stolen from previous tenants, and rekeying allows you to keep those keys out of the hands of burglars.

How to Choose a Locksmith for Your Industrial Property

Commercial Services: A commercial locksmith can assess security requirements for businesses, recommending and implementing appropriate levels of physical security without exceeding reasonable costs to the business. This includes installing and repairing doors, locks, secure entryways, safes, file cabinets, screen doors, and alarm systems.

Electronic Access: A commercial locksmith can install remote or apartment intercom systems, proximity card readers and keypad entry systems. These systems make it easy to provide access for employees and tenants.

If you need a locksmith, be sure to verify their credentials, and ask for an estimate before paying. Then, be sure to follow up with an invoice for the work they completed. A written estimate and invoice are essential for protecting your financial information.

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