23, Sep 2023
Penn Housing Options

Penn students have the option to rent a variety of off campus housing in close proximity to UPENN. Resources such as Campus Apartments, University City Housing and University Realty manage properties that include studios, shared apartments and houses for rent. Students can work directly with these companies to find the ideal location and rent for their budget.Resource: https://universitycityapartments.com/

What is UPenn looking for?

If the University wants to continue requiring sophomores to live in college house, it has a responsibility to ensure that the houses meet a minimum standard of quality. Leaks, mold, rodent sightings and other issues are not just inconvenient but also make it difficult to learn and create a sense of community in college house life.

The article outlines the problems and solutions to these issues including a plan to expand housing to a new site in west Philadelphia that will combine undergraduates with faculty, staff and graduate students. The plan will allow for programmatic common areas like seminar, study, music practice and living spaces.

The article also outlines three different options for juniors and seniors to choose from that offer more space and privacy. The housing resources for these students includes a searchable database that allows for filtering by location and price range as well as information about room selection, program communities, and return to a specific house. Lastly, the article provides information on a one to two year grad housing option called Sansom Place that is available to incoming and current grad students.

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