12, Sep 2023
Thermal Imaging Survey Near Me

thermal imaging survey near me

Thermography is often used by energy assessors as part of the home energy assessment process to help identify air leakage. These can be a source of heat loss and can be difficult to locate without the use of an infrared camera.

A thermal imaging survey near me way to detect insulation issues, electrical hot spots, moisture problems and wood-destroying organisms. Thermal cameras are also useful for assessing mechanical equipment such as steam traps, heating systems and ventilation.

During an inspection, the energy assessor may take an interior or exterior thermographic scan of the property. The interior scan is preferred for obvious reasons, namely that there is less air movement to confuse the results. Alternatively, an exterior scan can provide useful information about the level of insulation in the building and any areas where it has been damaged by the weather.

Unlocking the Hidden World: How Thermal Imaging Surveys Work

Both types of survey can reveal a variety of issues including air leaks, over-heating radiators, un-insulated or inadequately insulated roofs and faulty insulation. The energy assessor will recommend the appropriate remedial actions based on the results of the inspection and the client’s circumstances.

Infrared thermography is a non-invasive method for checking the condition of buildings and their components. It can help to detect hidden moisture issues such as plumbing leaks and wet insulation, and identify electrical hotspots that can be dangerous. It can also help to find structural defects such as rot, dampness and a range of other problems.

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