25, Aug 2023
Truck Performance Tune

A truck performance tune | Willys Workshop is a quick, cheap way to unlock more power and fuel efficiency from your pickup. It can also be used in conjunction with other modifications to maximize results. Read on to learn more about this popular upgrade.

A tuner, also known as a chip, module or programmer, is a small electronic device that is installed to optimize your engine’s operation. It can be plugged into your vehicle’s computer to adjust a variety of settings, including the air/fuel ratio and spark timing.

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The result is more horsepower and torque, which is great for hauling heavy loads or cruising around town. Depending on the brand and model of truck tuner, it can also increase your fuel economy. Some manufacturers claim that these performance products can improve mpg by up to 3-4 gallons per tank, though the actual savings depends on how you drive and where you live.

While increased horsepower can be good for a truck, it also places more stress on the engine and its moving parts. This may shorten its lifespan and cause it to deteriorate at a faster rate. Engine tuners help reduce this problem by adjusting the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing to maintain the maximum possible power output without increasing fuel consumption.

In addition, a tuner will often allow you to see how much fuel you are using and even set a specific MPG goal for yourself. Many models can even read and erase the check engine light codes, a handy feature that can save you money on expensive repair bills at the dealership.

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