12, Dec 2022
Vaping Without Nicotine Can Be Just As Enjoyable As Vaping With Nicotine

nicotine free vape

You might not realize it, but vaping without nicotine can be just as enjoyable as vaping with nicotine. And in many cases, it can be healthier.

For starters, you may not get a throat hit with nicotine free vape. Nicotine delivers a powerful and stinging sensation on the back of your throat.

The good news is that it’s not hard to find a nicotine-free vape that gives you that satisfying hit. This is because nicotine-free vapes are usually smoother and more mellow than conventional vapes.

If you’re looking for a nicotine-free vape, check out your local retail store or online vendor. Look for reputable brands. Ensure that the packaging is clear and that there are no warnings or false claims.

To make your vaping experience more enjoyable, opt for a disposable vape. Disposable vapes are compact and can be used in a variety of different ways. Some disposable vapes even come with empty pods.

Are There Any Alternatives to Traditional Disposables with No Nicotine

There are also a few different ways to get a more substantial throat hit with nicotine-free ejuice. One of them is to use a higher concentration of PG and lower VG.

Another great way to get a good nicotine-free hit is to inhale flavoring concentrates. These are generally food-grade and contain natural and artificial flavors. However, there are no reliable studies on the full effects of inhaling concentrates.

Vaping without nicotine can still offer you the benefits of vaping, namely, it can help you quit smoking. But it isn’t as good for your health as smoking cigarettes.

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