6, Feb 2024
What is Marquee Investors Meaning?

Marquee investors meaning is an investor that puts money into a startup or venture with the intention of showing their support for that business. Marquee investments often come with perks like mentoring or access to networks that can help the startups grow into successful companies. Seed funding, also known as angel or venture capital investing is a form of marquee investment that typically kicks off the series funding process in a startup.

What is a marquee institutional investor?

The marquee investors are typically big name individuals or institutions that have been known to back high-performing ventures in the past. They are considered to be a “crown jewel” investor as they are known for their reputation and ability to provide stability to the startup. Marquee investors are often invited to invest in the initial public offerings (IPOs) of a company ahead of the general public offering to boost the popularity and confidence of the IPO.

The marquee investors can also act as the “anchor” investor in a company’s IPO to attract other institutional investors. Anchor investors are usually sovereign wealth funds, mutual or pension funds who subscribe for shares in the IPO ahead of the general public. They are referred to as marquee investors because they are known for their ability and reputation to drive the market and provide a sense of safety to the other IPO investors. They are also referred to as cornerstone investors in other parts of the world. Marquee Equity helps startups by helping them find marquee investors to boost their company’s growth. They understand the fundraising process and the right valuations and work with clients to define their financial model and prepare pitch decks. Once the pitch is ready, they use their AI-powered database of 32,000+ VCs, PEs, Family Offices and Angels to match them with potential investors.

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