5, Jul 2023
Workers Compensation Lawyers – How Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help

Whether you were injured in a workplace accident or have been diagnosed with work-related illness, it can be overwhelming to deal with insurance companies and the complex procedures involved. This is where an experienced New York workers’ compensation lawyer from The Platta Law Firm can help. We will be by your side throughout the process, dealing with insurers on your behalf and ensuring that your rights are protected.

How long is a compensation delay?

In some cases, a workers’ compensation case will be denied for a number of reasons. It could be based on missing information, disputes about the severity of your injuries or other issues. An attorney can help you understand why your claim was denied so that you can prepare for a request for a hearing. Go to website

Your Symptoms Don’t Present Right Away

Injuries like herniated discs, soft tissue injuries and certain head traumas can often take time to develop symptoms. This can lead to confusion about the extent of your injury and cause problems when it comes to evaluating your settlement offer. An attorney can make sure that you receive a thorough medical evaluation to ensure that your full extent of injury is known when it comes time for a settlement.

Injured and sick workers have the right to collect weekly benefits, a disability pension and medical care from their employer. In some cases, an employee may also be eligible to file a lawsuit against third parties that contributed to their injury. This might include a subcontractor, vendor or product manufacturer that was not on the job site at the time of your injury.

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